Writing Isn't Just For Authors

Writing can be used in SO many different ways. It can be a source of joy or sorrow for the writer or the reader. It can be a way to clear your mind or a way to tie it up. You can write happy things, sad things, poems, song lyrics, true stories, memoirs. You can publicize with writing, advertise, change how people feel or act, inform or complain. You can make things up, just plain lie, tell the truth, praise, or decry. Bottom line? Some form or other is used every day and everywhere, in all walks of life and in all languages worldwide. Writing is universal!

Are There Types of Writing to Suit You?

In fact, there are so many different types of writing you might just find one that's perfect for you!

If you just want to have some fun writing and maybe make it something therapeutic, then you may want to start making notes in a journal. There are so many wonderful, pretty journals available these days, or if you want to start right now, just grab a notebook and get going. It can be quite relaxing to just get those feelings down on paper, then they're out of your head.

If you're anything like me, then you have a million things circling through your brain at any given moment. So, to clear my head before bed I sometimes just do a 'brain dump'! What's that? Well, you literally just write down everything that's swirling around inside your head. Once it's out of our head and onto paper, then you can organize it into a to-do list, file it away for later, or whatever you like, but at least you'll be able to sleep! 

Writers In Demand

There's a great demand for all kinds of writers right now. You know that the whole world seems to be online now, so the obvious demand on the worldwide web is content writing. If businesses don't have a website or some kind of online presence in this day and age, they're likely lagging behind in communications or sales.

When there's an explosion of jobs or people coming into the job market looking for work (such as when students are leaving school or college), then there's a great need for those who have the inside scoop on resume writing. This skill is something that can be learned pretty quickly, and is very useful. After all, you may need to write your own resume at some point.

Writing for Fun or Profit

If you feel like dabbling with entering the book writing market, then you should maybe consider taking creative writing classes. Many community colleges run these courses online and they are fairly inexpensive compared to a degree course, I took one of these one year courses several years ago and I really enjoyed it. I got to practice several writing techniques though composing essays on various topics. Occasionally students were paired up to positively critique each other's work. I'm sure it's something you could consider in your spare time.

Narrative writing is also something to consider - the art of telling a story. This was also covered in the short course I took. I could have continued into researching, but that wasn't my interest at the time.

Media, Film, or Radio

Script writing can also be very much in demand. Not only are scripts needed for plays, commercials, and movies, but advertisers, telemarketers, cold callers, salesmen, call center staff and many more professionals need scripted messages they can easily follow to help get their point across to their prospects. Some of this ends up being a persuasive type of writing.

If you're looking for remote writing jobs, there are some great freelancing sites to consider. Your other option is to just bite the bullet and promote yourself! 

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