Mother, Maker, Serial Mompreneur!

JillWho? Funny how that name came about really, but I'll get into that later!

Let me ask you this: how many hats does a mother have? Trick question I know, but we moms wear SO many hats that it's amazing we ever get anything accomplished for ourselves!

Seriously...we are moms, wives, sisters, friends, nurses, teachers, cleaners, chefs, caretakers, taxi drivers, sports fans, cheerleaders, coaches, psychiatrists, schedulers, music lovers, and problems solvers all rolled into one single person - MOM!

You Are Allowed Time Too

Well, over the years this mom has managed to carve out some time for herself. Yep - sometimes you just have to schedule time for yourself so you can actually feel like you are still an individual and you have your own life, as well as that all encompassing one you have at home.

I sat at the dinner table the other day while others in the family watched tv. When my husband asked why I was sitting there instead of with them, I said that I wanted to sit and enjoy my dinner at the table not hunched with my plate on my lap since we only have 4 tv tables. His response was to tell me to have one of the kids give up their table. Now, there's a big difference between moms and dads! I'm not saying that dads don't give up things for their kids, but I am saying that moms (or the main caretaker of the kids) DO tend to give up more.

You Can Still Be You, Says JillWho!

Anyway, I do think that once you become a parent your priorities change from yourself, and your children become the absolute center of your life if you are the main carer. Once this happens you can feel surrounded but alone, overwhelmed but in control. You're allowed to have all of those feelings. They are part of you.

What you don't want to lose completely is the element of YOU! What you are about,  what you like, your hobbies, your interests, your dreams. You need to keep those things alive, because you can be a mom, or dad, still be an individual, and not lose your sense of self. 

Give Yourself What You Need

So, what about JillWho?

Well, since my boys were born, starting in 2003 (when I was in my mid-30's), I have built a website by myself, designed knitwear and crochet pieces for magazines and become a published designer in the US and UK, filmed tutorials for 2 major craft companies,  become an aerobic dance and strength class instructor (teaching at least 3 classes per week), started singing solos and harmonies in church, and now I'm adding childrens' book author to my repertoire.

Just because you become a parent doesn't mean your life should end. Carve out time for yourself, even if it's before the children awake, or after they're in bed. So, let JillWho be an example to you. Don't lose yourself - free yourself!

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