So, What is Content Writing Anyway?

Confused? What is content writing all about?

I'll let you know, but first, let's start by defining 'content'.

You thought it meant happy, right?

Happy writing? It can be - very much so - if it's used as an adjective (a describing word) with emphasis on the second syllable. comes an English lesson...but, stay with me. You'll learn something!

In fact Oxford Languages (adjective) definition is: "in a state of peaceful happiness".

Sounds divine!

But, if it's used as a noun (emphasis on the first syllable) - that's another story - one of the many meanings is: "information made available by a website or other electronic medium".

Now it's beginning to make sense, right?

So, online, 'content' is basically...the written words on website pages.

That's it!

But, that's not the end of the story...

Anyone with a website can whip up a web page about whatever little thing they like.

BUT...does that mean people will be able to find it, never mind read it?

Do you even know how many websites there are out there?

Take a guess?


1.93 billion websites! Yes - BILLION!!!

Can you even imagine?

We think we have too many choices at a drive through, so how can we possibly find the actual content we're really looking for?

Well, that's where search engines and keywords come into play.

More definitions? Yup!

What's a search engine?

There are several, but the biggest - by far - is...Google.

See - I knew you'd know that one!

Search engines are like lightning fast, incredibly helpful librarians! They scan through scads of data in milliseconds to help you find what you're looking for online.

What's a keyword then?

You know how you have to type something into the little search box when someone says, "Just Google it!"? Well, you're typing in 'keywords'.

A keyword is the description of what you're searching for. The clearer you are - the better your results!

Aha - now it makes sense!

But, you still haven't told me...what is content writing?

I'm getting there...

My 'what is content writing' definition is..."the art of using the right keywords, and words in general, to deliver relevant, useful information".

In a nutshell - that's it!

Like I said before - anyone can throw up a web page and hope it sticks - but, writing content truly is an art! It takes time, research, training, and a lot of thinking to write solid content the search engines will love.

The better the keyword research you do, the more likely the page will be noticed by the search engines as relevant.

And, the longer the visitor stays on that web page, the more useful the search engines regard the page, the higher up the rankings it goes.

This all leads to more traffic and more visitors. The higher the website is ranked, the more organic (free) traffic it'll receive.

So, hopefully you now know more about content writing than you did before.

I've probably opened up more questions for you, but we'll cover those later.

If you feel you're not up to writing your own content, feel free to contact me.

Let me do all the leg work for you!

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